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11 European ministers sign a Declaration for the promotion of Social Economy in Madrid

14 June 2017

Ministers from 11 European countries, including Spain, signed this morning the Madrid Declaration, a document that aims to place the social economy sector at the center of European economic policies and launch a "European Economy of Social Economy" Its development.

The social economy brings together 2 million European companies, which employ 14.5 million people and generate 8% of European GDP. Within this economic sector, labor cooperatives represent a prominent part and the most numerous of social economy enterprises.

As president of the Spanish Confederation of Social Economy Enterprises (CEPES), the president of the Spanish Confederation of Associated Labor Cooperatives (COCETA), Juan Antonio Pedreño, defended that the companies of the Social Economy "allow to create positive economic perspectives and offer better opportunities, "among other people, young people ..

"These are companies that are born strong to respond to the challenges of European citizens, support sustainable growth and create stable and quality employment," said Pedreño, who also heads the sector’s employers in Europe, Social Economy Europe.

In this way, the president of Cepes and COCETA stressed that these are companies that "work with people, people and the general interest."
In addition, he wanted to make it clear that "they are a fundamental pillar in terms of social cohesion and employment in Europe and an engine of change in the face of the challenges facing the EU."

In this sense, he considered that it is the "moment" for the EU to take a "solid and firm step forward" to promote the Social Economy, as it is a "key player for a stronger, stronger and sustainable EU". Specifically, he called for an action plan for the coming years in which specific socio-economic objectives are identified.

The Summit and future commitments

The Social Economy Summit in Madrid has been the largest European event on Social Economy ever held. Members of the Governments of Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Malta, Bulgaria and Cyprus were present.

The signatory countries of the Madrid Declaration call for Europe to move from words to deeds. They recall that, in recent years, the European Council, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions, and formal declarations such as the Rome Strategy, the declarations of Luxembourg, Bratislava and Ljubljana

The Declaration of Madrid ’claims more concretely: "to include and support social economy enterprises, through programs, projects and funds, and in the innovative and sustainable development of an adequate financial ecosystem. They also call for the promotion of the Social Economy from schools, the creation of common coordination mechanisms at the highest level within the EU and the inclusion of the Social Economy in the work plan for 2018 in the European Action Plan 2018- 2020.

The signatory governments were convinced that the promotion of the Social Economy within the EU "will contribute actively to social cohesion and therefore to innovative, intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth, as well as to the creation of quality employment ".


This event, which was attended by more than 400 people - representatives of the European institutions, companies and entities of the Social Economy and the different Spanish Public Administrations - was inaugurated by the Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fatima Báñez, Who signed the Declaration of Madrid as the promoter of the Informal Group of Governments in Favor of the Social Economy. Báñez defined this document as "a banner of the Spain brand for its ability to create and maintain employment, to innovate, compete and to make social cohesion a foundation of its most important values."

The day was closed by the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, who concluded that the social economy will be the project of the 21st century because the ideas of their companies are "extraordinary."

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