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Message of the Alliance on the occasion of International Women's Day 2018

Message of the Alliance on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018

María Eugenia Pérez Zea, Chairperson of the ICA Gender Equality Committee of the International Co-operative Alliance issued a declaration on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018 entitled: "Now is the time: Rural and urban activists transform women’s lives".

Cooperatives are responsible for almost 10% of world employment, new study shows

Cooperatives are responsible for almost 10% of world employment, new study shows

CICOPA published its second global report on “Cooperatives and Employment”. Based on data from 156 countries, the updated estimate shows that employment in or within the scope of cooperatives concerns at least 279.4 million people across the globe, in other words 9.46% of the world’s employed population.

About the earthquake in Mexico and the hurricanes in the Caribbean

About the earthquake in Mexico and the hurricanes in the Caribbean

Co-operatives of the Americas, through its Regional Director, has sent a communication to all members of the International Cooperative Alliance in the Americas regarding the succession of natural catastrophes that has severely hit several countries in the regionduring the last days.

National Co+op Grocers’ Co+op Forest approaches 2 million trees

In just five years, National Co+op Grocers’ (NCG) innovative Co+op Forest carbon-offset initiative has grown to include more than 1.7 million native trees in the Amazon rainforest.

A short history of co-operation and mutuality

A short history of co-operation and mutuality provides an overview of co-operative and mutual initiatives that may have led to the modern-day co-operative movement. Written by Co-operatives UK‘s secretary general, Ed Mayo, the book acknowledges the risk of choosing one place as the start of everything that followed, tracing back the roots of co-operation.

NCBA CLUSA urges Congress to uphold tax policy that supports cooperatives

With House Republicans expected to reveal their tax plan on Wednesday, NCBA CLUSA this week released a statement urging Congress to uphold tax policy favorable to the nation’s 40,000 cooperative businesses that support families, small businesses and farmers.

Co-operative movement sustainable development goals efforts presented at the UN General Assembly

On 19 September, on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, the French government on behalf of the Leading Group on Social and Solidarity Economy, organised an event on the topic of “Inclusive, participatory, innovative: financing for Social and Solidarity Economy at the core of the Sustainable Development Goals”. Charles Gould, director general of the International Co-operative Alliance was present and had the opportunity to convey the work done by the Alliance and its members on the issue.

Top American cooperatives will meet in Chile

Between August 9 and 11, the 68th Meeting of the Board of Directors of Cooperatives of the Americas will be held. The event includes several seminars.

FairCoin activates the world’s first ‘co-operative’ blockchain

FairCoin is different because, unlike other cryptocurrencies, it does not involve such mining or minting systems, which are based on competition. Transaction blocks are generated by what is defined as Co-operatively Validated Nodes (CVNs). These nodes co-operate to maintain the security of the network. This kind of issues about emerging technologies was a recurring theme at the International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec.

Cooperatives ensure no one is left behind

Cooperatives ensure no one is left behind (COPAC)

New website created to raise awareness of employee ownership as a business option

TransfertoCoops.eu offers guidance for company owners and employees in a bid to boost the model across the EU

Spain:Cooperatives have created 22,000 jobs between 2015 and 2016

According to the latest CICOPA report in the world, there are 250 million cooperative jobs. If we limit it to the G20, there are 234 million, approximately 12% of the employed population. In Spain, data from the Ministry of Employment for 2015 and 2016 give an increase of 22,800 jobs in cooperatives, of which almost 80% are In cooperatives of associated work.

Message from the President: International Day of Co-operatives

Message from the President: International Day of Co-operatives (ica.coop)

A KNOWLEDGE HUB on Social Economy and Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations initiative seeks to complement and enhance the knowledge and efforts of various organizations in these two fields.

UK: Co-op Group to redistribute 20 million meals to good causes

The scheme, which will also reduce waste, will see food given to organisations in 2,500 towns and villages where the Co-op operates

Málaga, in Spain, becomes the capital of new economy this spring

NESI Forum aims to lay the foundations of a new economy which is more sustainable and social, based on values and aimed at the common good. Up to 10 new economy movements will be sharing their experiences and explaining how they are changing the world for the better with their everyday practice.

Challenges for cooperativism: United Nations discusses women’s empowerment

Authorities of the Regional Committee on Gender Equality of Cooperativa de las Américas attended the LXI Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Can co-ops help young people fight social exclusion?

An interesting report published by the European Youth Forum highlights how co-operatives can help young people face today’s challenges.

Global Survey on youth cooperative entrepreneurship: ANSWER BEFORE 26 MAY!!

CICOPA (The international Organization of Industrial and Service Cooperatives) has launched an online survey for young people. Let’s participate!

Cooperatives of the Americas present at the Political Forum on Development

With the participation of Manuel Mariño, Regional Director of Cooperativas de las Américas and Arturo Piedra-Santa, Coordinator of the Development Department and Manager of the Cooperation Program with the European Union, CoopsAmericas attended the Fifth Meeting of the Political Forum on Development, held in Brussels, Belgium.

“Coops for Development” held a meeting in Costa Rica

Cooperativas de las Américas hosted the evaluation and planning meeting of the global project funded by the European Union.

International meeting gathered Unions to discuss co-operativism and trade unionism in Latin America

Representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy and Canada met this week, under the auspices of CICOPA, to discuss the challenges of co-operative movement and trade unions in Latin America.

No walls, nor exclusions, nor financial globalization

Cooperatives of the Americas issued a statement rejecting the model of globalization controlled by the concentrated financial capital that results in an even greater deepening of inequality and exclusion, and encouragement of xenophobic proposals, while at the same time jeopardizes world peace.

Co-operatives of the Americas joins global forum on agricultural innovation

Cooperatives of the Americas has become a partner organization of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), an initiative that works to make agri-food research and innovation more effective, responsive and equitable, towards achieving Sustainable Development outcomes.

NCBA CLUSA programs represented at White House Summit on Global Development as President Obama signs Global Food Security Act

The same day as the White House Summit on Global Development, highlighting the impacts of U.S. government programs over the past eight years, President Obama officially signed the Global Food Security Act into law, bringing a whole of government approach to address food security needs around the world.

Can fair firms survive in the market place?

“Can fair firms survive in the market place?” is the topic of a new paper presented at the International Co-operative Research Conference in Antalya, part of Towards 2020, the biannual conference of the International Co-operative Alliance.

Be proud of your co-operative identity. Tell your members, customers and community that you are Proud to be a co-operative, get the ethical badge that’s just for co-ops. Apply for FREE at www.identity.coop.

Be proud of your co-operative identity. Tell your members, customers and community that you are Proud to be a co-operative, get the ethical badge that’s just for co-ops. Apply for FREE at www.identity.coop. (domains.coop)

Cooperative Decade
Documento de la Alianza Cooperativa Internacional

The Capital Conundrum for Co-operatives

Guidance Notes to the Co-operative Principles

Survey of Co-operative Capital

Co-operative Governance Fit to Build Resilience in the Face of Complexity

Co-operatives and Sustainability: An investigation into the relationship

Co-operative Growth for the 21st Century

Cooperatives and Employment: a global report

UN Global Compact

Our members anniversary

Co-operatives of the Americas sends its warmest greeting to its member organizations who are celebrating their anniversaries in April 2018.

Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico (CSMPR) was founded on 23 April 1963 and thus, it is celebrating its 55 anniversary.

Federación de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito de Honduras (FACACH) was founded on 3 April 1966 and thus, it is celebrating its 52 anniversary.

Successful cooperative stories

Natucapri (Brasil)

An innovative idea, the production of handmade soaps from goat milk through a cooperative, changed the social and economic reality of a group of women in a small village of the Brazilian state of Alagoas. Subtitled in English

Facts & figures

Cooperatives worldwide have nearly 1,000 million members and generate 100 million jobs, 20% more than multinational companies (2012)

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