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Become a volunteer of NCBA

23 September 2010

Volunteer with NCBA’s CLUSA International Farmer-to-Farmer (FTF) Program and gain firsthand experience in select African emerging markets. Through this program, participants will gain an in-depth, qualitative understanding of conditions in emerging markets that is impossible to achieve through desk-based research.

FTF also offers a great way to form partnerships with sister cooperatives fighting poverty overseas. The program staff will help you document your work overseas so that you can share it with the members of your cooperative at home.

See a listing of the current available volunteer opportunities below:


Marketing: NCBA is seeking experts in marketing of agricultural produce for volunteer opportunities working with moringa farmers’ groups in Niger on basic marketing plans. (Moringa is a versatile, drought-tolerant tree with edible, nutritious leaves.) The volunteers will help the farmers’ groups assess the markets that are available to them and determine which markets offer the most profitable price for their produce. This opportunity is scheduled for March 2011.

Agricultural Processing: NCBA is looking for experts in agricultural processing to help moringa farmers’ groups in Niger identify and assess the costs and benefits of their options for processing moringa leaf. (Moringa is a versatile, drought tolerant tree with edible, nutritious leaves.) The volunteers will help the farmers’ groups develop specific processing techniques based on demand, as assessed in the marketing assignment (see above). This assignment is scheduled for May 2011.


Conservation Farming/ Soil Fertility: NCBA is looking for soil fertility experts to work with sorghum and millet growers on increasing soil fertility through conservation farming techniques. Two opportunities are available, scheduled for November 2010 or the first quarter of 2011.

Integrated pest management: NCBA seeks an expert in integrated pest management (IPM) to work with millet growers in Senegal on economical ways to reduce the negative effects of pests and diseases on crop yield. This assignment is scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.

To start the application process please contact Eric Wallace at ewallace@ncba.coop

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