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COBOCE: new member of the Alliance in the Americas

17 August 2015

Co-operatives of the Americas is pleased to welcome to Cooperativa Boliviana de Cemento, Industrias y Servicios (COBOCE) as a new full member of the International Cooperative Alliance. With this addition, members of the Alliance in the Americas reach 99 organizations from 21 countries.

COBOCE LTDA is the main industrial co-operative of Bolivia. It was founded to bring together the different social strata of the country surrounding the project, so that the population savings was invested in the industrial sector, becoming an innovative economic model in the region. COBOCE LTDA, has been characterized by the support that has given to the growth of the region and the model economic-social co-operative.

The new Alliance membership statistics are therefore: 283 organizations from 93 countries (240 members and 43 associate members).

More information on COBOCE at http://www.coboce.com.

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