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New study measures impact of co-ops on New Brunswick economy

10 November 2010

The study, conducted by University of Moncton professor André Leclerc for the Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick and the Coopérative de développement régional - Acadie, found that the province's co-operative sector is responsible for the creation of more than 12,400 direct and indirect jobs and contributes $117.4 million to the province in taxes.

The study also deals with the impact of the co-operative movement in such areas as sustainable development, social housing, sponsorship of community programs and integration of people with special needs. Co-operatives also support local producers by purchasing their products: for example, more than 40 per cent of the value of products sold in Co-op Atlantic’s co-op stores are bought from businesses in the Atlantic provinces.

Go to www.cecnb.ca/pdf/EconomicImpactNB2010-06-29.pdf to download the study

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