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OCB launch of the International Year of Cooperatives in Brazil

30 December 2011

On December 14th in Brasilia, OCB launched the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) in Brazil. A large number of Representatives and Senators, members of a cooperative parliamentarian block, called Frencoop participated in the launch as well as the Brazilian Ministry of Sport, Mr. Aldo Rebelo and a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Executive Secretary, Mr. José Carlos Vaz.

Many cooperative leaders took part in this important event. According to OCB President, Márcio Lopes de Freitas, the UN initiative confirms the importance of cooperatives to reduce poverty by job’s creation. “This is an international recognition of the important role of cooperatives to sustainable development” said Mr. Freitas.

During the event, a video on cooperatives and the web site www.ano2012.coop.br were launched. In 2012, there will be several activities to increase public awareness about co-operatives and their presence in the Brazilian economy. The Brazilian cooperative movement is organizing a number of activities such as a commemorative coin, which was announced during the launch by the Brazilian Central Bank.

ICA ex- President Mr. Roberto Rodrigues shared his hope to see cooperatives awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and asked for the support of the Brazilian cooperative movement. Everyone in the room agreed with this proposal. “We need to promote democracy and peace and cooperatives surely have the characteristics do support this role”, said Mr. Rodrigues.

“The International Year of Cooperatives is an opportunity to show the essence of the cooperative movement to a great number of people, in each point of the Brazilian territory and demonstrate the cooperative uniqueness” said Mr. Freitas.

Source: OCB

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