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The Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs GCE pilot program, advances by executing a mentoring cycle

6 April 2020

The three selected Ambassadors from Colombia work during training days

The Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs (GCE) is a program executed trough the ICA-EU Partnership #COOPS4DEV 🌎. The GCE supports cooperative entrepreneurship among youth worldwide. The central axis of the program is the consolidation of strategic partnerships between the cooperative sector and organizations outside the sector with expertise in entrepreneurship in order to promote cooperative ventures led by youth.

At the moment, this initiative is in its pilot stage worldwide. In the Americas, the pilot program is being carried out in Colombia. Cooperatives of the Americas is implementing this pilot program in Colombia in a joint effort with Confecoop, Ascoop and the Impact Hub Bogotá.

The young ambassadors: Leydy Carolina Mosquera, Efrain Perdomo and Daniel Peña who benefit from the GCE program are participating in a mentoring cycle through which the cooperative ventures they are leading will be promoted.

On March 16th , a mentoring session was held to advise the ambassadors on community management. The entrepreneurship projects of the three ambassadors are center in the department of Huila and involve topics such as: sustainable tourism, production and marketing of special coffee, and efficient management of passionflower. The mentoring in community management was led by mentors and members of the coordinating team of the GCE in Colombia: Luisa Fernanda Gallo Herran (Cooperatives of the Americas), Tatiana Serna (ASCOOP), Jorge Leal (Confecoop) and Andrey Rodriguez (Impact Hub Bogotá) .

The management of communities and the involvement of the youth population in the cooperative ventures of the GCE ambassadors is a challenge, however, this is what the GCE Program wants to achieve: to become an innovative and inclusive tool for young entrepreneurs so that the Cooperative entrepreneurship model is considered the ideal alternative to be an entrepreneur in Colombia.

The GCE Ambassadors will continue the mentoring program for the next months, involving other young people from their communities who in the medium term will form a cooperativ

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