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The creation of the Cooperatives of the Americas roadmap with FAO and ECLAC progresses

5 March 2020

On mission to Chile, on Wednesday, February 26 and Thursday, February 27, Dr. Graciela Fernández, president of Cooperatives of the Americas, met with senior authorities of FAO and ECLAC

Accompanied by the Regional Director of Cooperatives of the Americas, Danilo Salerno, the General Coordinator of the Uruguayan Confederation of Cooperative Entities, Gabriel Isola, and by the REAF reference for Uruguay, Lautaro Viscay, on Wednesday the meeting was held, in this case with the FAO Regional Representative, Julio Berdegué, together with the Associations Officer, Dulclair Sternadt and the Territorial Development Policy Officer, Luiz Carlos Beduschi.

This meeting was aimed at deepening the regional agenda of the framework agreement established between ICA and FAO in 2018, and advancing in a joint work program for the Americas. Berdegué Underlined the emphasis that the new FAO World Directorate has placed on innovation issues and the opportunity this represents for the integration of Youth. In that order he suggested the formation of a group of agriculture ministers of the region that seeks to strengthen and expand cooperativism through technological development and commercial integration.

On Thursday 26, the meeting with the Deputy Secretary of said organization, Mario Cimoli, and area directors was held at ECLAC. In this meeting it was possible to lay the foundations for a reciprocal cooperation agreement between Cooperatives of the Americas and ECLAC, since organizations have several common objectives, and particularly the role that cooperatives play in the construction of equality, and the importance that both institutions give to active development policies. The Deputy Secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, made a great assessment of the work of cooperatives in the Continent, and showed enthusiasm in putting the cooperative theme back on ECLAC’s agenda.

The team’s visit with the President to the offices of the FAO regional office in Chile, served to conduct a workshop for agency officials on the role of cooperatives in the region with a view to agricultural and rural development. In this space, the role of cooperatives in development related to the Sustainable Development Goals, the Family Farming Decade and the role of Cooperatives of the Americas in these issues was sought.

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