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The essence of the Americas translated into cooperativism, at AroundThe World.Coop

7 April 2020

The cooperative sector of the Americas shows its maximum expression of diversity of contributions to sustainable development

Researcher Sara Vicari and her husband, video editor Andrea Mancori, are documenting cooperatives, collective action, and sustainable development in more than 10 countries. The couple has established an association, Aroundtheworld.coop, to give voice to the stories of cooperatives and communities that participate in collective actions and sustainable processes of social development around the world.

The project is supported by the International Cooperative Alliance with its regional organizations. An ambitious project to show the diversity of the cooperative movement in the Americas around the world, but particularly to present innovative and inclusive examples of cooperatives that have improved the daily lives of many people, "says Marc Noël, director of international development for ICA.

The cooperative sector of the Americas shows its maximum expression of diversity of contributions to sustainable development, for the Americas the Around the World team brings a summary where it shows an influential sector in the processes of economic and social development in each of its countries, promoting local development, through its base cooperatives, but also regional development based on the integration of different actors. Watch the video here

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The Cheese Board Collective located in Berkely, Northern California, on the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. It opened as a small cheese shop in 1967. In 1971, the two original owners sold their business to their employees and created a 100% worker-owned business. Today, the Cheese Board Collective consists of a cheese shop. , a bakery, an espresso bar and a pizzeria. Learn more about this cooperative here http://cheeseboardcollective.coop/about-us/about-main/

Up & Go (upandgo.coop) was launched in May 2017 by domestic worker cooperatives in New York City. It is a cooperatively owned digital platform through which consumers can reserve high-quality residential and commercial cleaning services, a model implemented with fair labor practices. The worker-owners are mostly women and immigrants who set Up & Go’s pricing and service policies. It should be noted that members of the Up & Go cooperative also have the company’s brand and code. Learn more about this cooperative here https://www.upandgo.coop/

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