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Twelve countries to co-operate on January 12th 2012?

6 November 2011

Now the United Nations has launched the International Year of Co-operatives, how can co-operatives at the national level launch their own plans? One idea that is gathering support started in Canada, with the proposal to run a media launch on January 12th 2012. Whether by issuing a press release or by organising an event, other countries are now being invited to join in, to create a co-operative launch day that rolls across the world.

The enthusiasm in Canada has been such that there will now be twelve events across Canada. The UK has followed with what is likely to be an online press conference, with representatives from across the world. Other co-operative sectors in Europe, with the involvement of Co-operatives Europe, may now follow.

What these pioneers want to do now is to see at least twelve countries across the world take action on this day. In return, each country can brief their media that what is being launched in their country, in line with the theme of being an international year, is being launched around the world. To be clear, there is no common, global event or complex international press release. This is an opportunity for countries that want to take their own action on the same day, in their own language with their own constituency and benefit by being part of something international.

This idea has emerged through the ICA Communications Committee. If you are interested, several of the countries and national committees involved are offering to share resources, for example, sample press releases.

Contact: Tanya.Gracie@coopscanada.coop

Co-operatives and national committees who are celebrating IYC events are invited to upload their events to the ICA’s calendar here

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