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CCA's Video contest

Winning video a family affair

29 October 2010

A musical tribute to co-operation -- together with visuals evoking the present and past of the co-operative movement -- helped Hazel Corcoran and two family members win first prize in the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA)'s Experience the Co-operative Difference video contest.

This Song is About Cooperation, produced by Ms. Corcoran, executive director of the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation, with her husband Greg O’Neill and her son Alex Lamoureux, was selected as the winning video in the contest created to mark this year’s Co-op Week celebrations. The song that serves as the video’s soundtrack was written and sung by Mr. O’Neil,

Second place went to Toronto university student Steven Retsinas for his video about Ontario’s largest dairy co-op: Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Difference. Mr. Retsinas was working as a summer student at Gay Lea when he created the video.

Third place went to Sarah Boutron and Cindy Drummond, who work in communications at Calgary Co-op, for Co-op Caring Community, which highlights how Calgary Co-op contributes to the community it serves.

The contest was judged by a panel consisting of Rayanne Brennan, editor of The Atlantic Co-operator; Yee-Guan Wong, communications specialist at Central 1 Credit Union; Victoria Morris, executive director of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association; and CCA communicators Donna Balkan and David Shanks. All the winners received prize packages of co-op products as well as a copy of Ian MacPherson’s book, A Century of Co-operation.

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