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About the earthquake in Mexico and the hurricanes in the Caribbean

20 September 2017

Co-operatives of the Americas, through its Regional Director, has sent a communication to all members of the International Cooperative Alliance in the Americas regarding the succession of natural catastrophes that has severely hit several countries in the regionduring the last days.

"Cooperative friends, it is with consternation that we are witnesses of this new test that the brothers of several countries of the region face.

If it was already worrying and sad that lived a few days ago with Hurricane Irma first and the earthquake in Mexico almost at the same time, it is more painful to see nature rekindle in the two forms: A new earthquake in Mexico, this much more deadly and harmful, and a new hurricane of magnitude 5 hovering over the Caribbean.

No longer aware of these difficulties, the minds and hearts of the cooperatives throughout the continent have been focused on the brothers who in their countries face these difficult moments. Without doubt, that cooperative solidarity will be activated immediately as it has always been custom.

It is still too early to estimate costs in lives and materials of these tragedies, but already count -the affected areas-, with the attention and solidarity of those who have better luck. The Executive Committee and the Regional Director declare in a permanent session, attentive to the situation in the affected countries, especially Mexico, and to the organization of the solidarity that must come.

We invite members to activate their networks of solidarity in this special moment of the region."

José Luis Blanco
Regional Director - América
International Co-operative Alliance