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An online platform brings information about cooperatives in international development

17 July 2017

The online platform showcases 175 active cooperative projects around the world. The initiative is led by Cooperatives Europe.

Cooperatives are key partners for actors interested in human, social and economic development around the world based on their strong assets to tackle hunger and poverty, provide employment in the form of decent jobs, strengthen self-help and empowerment of local communities, and provide learning opportunities for their members.

To show how cooperatives are performing in development, ICA started ‘Cooperatives in Development’, a partnership with the European Union that aims to foster exchanges and collaboration for an impact-driven cooperative development approach.

Following the success of a previous project led by Cooperatives Europe, in October 2016 a Global Co-operative Development Platform (GCDP), was launched during the International Summit of Co-operatives.

This initiative represents an effort from global co-operative actors involved in development, to exchange knowledge, strengthen networks and raise visibility and knowledge about the role cooperatives play in international development. Within the GCDP, the CEDP represents the expertise of Cooperatives Europe in international development.

By the moment, the Platform have information about 175 active cooperative projects.

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