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Applications for the COOP marque have passed a milestone of 500

2 May 2014

Co-operatives from 67 countries have applied for the marque to be used as a visual identity – with many opting for a .coop domain too. The International Co¬-operative Alliance developed the global identity for co¬-operatives to align with, which alongside the .coop domain creates a collective ¬¬identity.

Nicola Huckerby, marketing lead for Domains.coop and the COOP marque, said using both the marque and domain helps differentiates co-operatives from other forms of business.

"Co-operative Identity is a marketing asset – placing the new Marque on their website homepage, email signature, advertising and promotions, products and packaging, makes people more aware of what they are choosing when faced with the option between a co-operative or an investor or privately-owned business," said Mrs Huckerby.

"Using a .coop domain as your primary web extension and email address demonstrates to your members and customers that you are proud to be a co-operative and are not hiding behind a .com or .org. Used together the Marque and a .coop domain demonstrate our unity of purpose" she added.

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