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CCA urges candidates to support the co-operative movement

12 April 2011

The Canadian Co-operative Association is encouraging co-operators and friends of co-operatives to email party leaders and candidates in their riding to ask them to support co-operative recommendations for the next government through an on-line tool on CCA's web site.

You can access this tool at http://coopscanada.coop/en/gov_affair/Election-2011 The tool allows you to send a message to party leaders as well as all or some of the local candidates in your riding by writing in your postal code. The message highlights our 3 legacy proposals for the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives— a co-operative investment plan, a co-operative development fund and a renewed and expanded Co-operative Development Initiative. On the CCA website you can also find CCA’s complete election platform which contains recommendations developed together with our members.

Co-operatives are powerful tools for job creation and community economic development. The 8,500 co-operatives and credit unions with over 17 million members in Canada contribute over 150,000 jobs and are worth over $330 billion in assets.

For further information contact:
John Anderson
Director, Government Affairs & Public Policy
Canadian Co-operative Association
613-238-6711, ext. 228