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CDF Launches New Website to Help "Build a Better World"

9 March 2012

In support of the Build a Better World Campaign, the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website.

"The Build a Better World Campaign represents a major initiative for the Co-operative Development Foundation and we needed good tools in order to get this important message out to the people we need to reach," said Julie Breuer, CDF Director of Fundraising and Operations. "We are delighted with the fresh, clean look of the new site, and we know that it will help to explain the important message that we are taking to Canadians through this campaign."

A special feature that can be accessed through the website this week is an online auction featuring a range of wonderful products including international crafts and an iPad 2.

The campaign was inspired, in part, by the theme of the UN’s International Year of Co-operatives - Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World, and is timed to take advantage of the renewed interest in co-operatives and co-operative development created as a result of the year. The campaign sets out to raise $12 million over a four year period. Working in partnership with the Canadian Co-operative Association’s (CCA) International Development Program, CDF has been working against poverty in many corners of the developing world by supporting the growth and development of community-owned co-operative organizations. Over several decades, that work has delivered remarkable results, helping millions of people work their way out of poverty.

"We have ample proof, through our work with CCA, that co-operatives are highly effective in the struggle against poverty. But the need is so great and the resources are so limited," Ms. Breuer said. "This campaign is a clear statement that we know more can be done, we believe Canadian co-operatives and individuals support this work, and with our encouragement are prepared to help us make a greater contribution to poverty reduction around the world."

"The message is clearly reaching a receptive audience. We had more than $1 million pledged within the first two days of the campaign, and we have every reason to believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg."

The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) is a registered charitable organization. It raises money, mostly from Canadian co-operatives and co-op members, to help alleviate poverty by building and strengthening financial and non-financial co-ops in developing countries. Working with the Canadian Co-operative Association and other partners, CDF helps poor communities fight poverty and create more secure lives through community-owned co-ops.

To visit the new website, go to: www.cdfcanada.coop

Source: CCA

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