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Days to the Conference

Argentina is waiting for us

The International Co-operative Alliance for the Americas, as the highest integration body in the American region, with the support of member organisations in Argentina are honoured to invite the co-operative movement in the Americas and other social economy organisations, to participate in the 17th ICA-Americas Regional Conference entitled: "Co-operative Commitment to the Preservation of the Planet", to be held in Buenos Aires - Argentina, from 22 to 26 November, 2010.

The outcomes of the I Summit concerning environmental issues reflected a growing interest of the co-operative movement and a need to influence on these issues. This concern became clear in the agreements of the Guadalajara Declaration. As part of the Declaration, the Co-operative Green Pact (Pacto Verde Cooperativo) was included, as an initiative to promote the adoption of measures and procedures aimed at preserving the environment to lead genuine social co-operative responsibility.

The main objective of this Regional Conference is to raise awareness in the region about the importance of environmental preservation and to point out the commitment of the co-operative movement in this field.

The 17th Regional Conference will also include various other academic activities such as meetings and sectoral forums, each of which will have a specific methodology.

We must seize the socio-environmental commitment of co-operative organisations to implement practical and viable options which are also environmentally sustainable.

Therefore, we extend our cordial invitation to you to participate in this year’s Conference being an active part of it and supporting the progress of the co-operative movement. Thank you in advance for your kind attention and very respectfully we ask you to spread the word about this activity among co-operative organisations in your country so we all reaffirm our commitment to preserving the planet.

Conference News

XVII ICA-Americas Regional Conference declared of national interest

The Presidency of Argentina, in a document released on 20 September, 2010, declared the XVII ICA-Americas Regional Conference to be of national interest.

IX ICA-Americas Regional Assembly

In the framework of the next XVII Regional Conference, the IX Regional Assembly will take place and it will include the partial election of authorities.

XVII Regional Conference: cross-cutting themes have been defined

Due to the fact that environmental issues have aroused great interest within the co-operative sector, the 17th Regional Conference to be held in Buenos Aires - Argentina will focus on the theme "Co-operative Commitment to the Preservation of the Planet".

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