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Canadian co-operatives and mutuals engage with the government of Quebec on youth related policies

18 October 2015

The Quebec Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (Le Conseil québécois de la cooperation et de la mutualité - CQCM) has taken part in a consultation to set out the government’s youth agenda for the next decade.

Founded in 1940, CQCM represents co-operatives and mutuals from across Quebec, a total of 3,300 enterprises employing 100,000 people. In September the council participated in a round table consultation organised by the government of Quebec. The meeting focused on how the government and its partners could help young people attain professional and personal independence.

“Young co-operators and members of mutuals share the concerns raised by the government of Quebec. For CQCM and its network, it is important to accompany them in their journey towards autonomy and adequately prepare them when it comes to attitude and collective engagement and in passing on to them the collective entrepreneurial values that guide their future choices,” said president of the council’s board, René Rouleau.

In order to contribute to the government’s consultation, CQCM has asked its members’ view and has also formed a group of young leaders aged 18-35 actively involved in the networks, who shared their ideas for youth policies.

"Their responses confirm the relevance of the policies chosen by the government and specifically target two issues close to their heart: a favourable environment for the development of entrepreneurial values ​​and a successful transition from school to the labour market. It is important for them that employers are ready to welcome them and they want to have a concrete idea of ​​the opportunities available to them. Their input must be enhanced given their direct experience when it comes to the reality of the labour market,” added CQCM chief executive, Gaston Bedard.

At the round table CQCM highlighted the different aspirations of young people involved in co-operatives and mutuals. They want to actively participate in changing things. According to CQCM, young people are also concerned about the strength of the economy and they see themselves contributing to ensuring the continuing existence of their enterprise, favouring a sustainable business model, that responds to people’s needs.

"Building and maintaining the commitment of young people to their well-being and the well-being of their environment requires a solid anchor in the community and an exciting student life. Co-operatives and mutuals open such opportunities that enable young people to make their own choices in their quest for independence,” added Mr Bedard.

Source: The Alliance

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