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Civil society builds agenda on Sustainable Development Goals

4 May 2017

With the participation of 156 Civil Society Organizations from 19 countries, the Forum of Latin American Countries on Sustainable Development took place in Mexico City on 25th to 28th April.

On April 25, 26, 27 and 28, Mexico City hosts the Latin American Forum on Sustainable Development; An activity that aims to integrate an articulating group of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that establishes the bases of a regional mechanism for participation and implementation of Agenda 2030, of the Sustainable Development Objectives.

The event, convened by the mexican governmet and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC by its spanish name), was attended by 231 participants, representing 156 CSOs from 19 countries in Latin America.

CoopAmericas attended to this important meeting in the person of Manuel Mariño, Regional Director; Arturo Piedra Santa, Coordinator of the Development Department and Manager of the Cooperation Program with the European Union; and Alberto Mora Portuguez, in charge of Education.

The activity was an opportunity to strength the capacities of CSOs to work together trhougth the achivements of the global goals.

More information at http://foroalc2030.cepal.org/2017/es

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