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Cooperatives of the Americas and Cruz Azul cooperative are working together on the project “Cooperative development as a resilience model"

21 September 2019

During the month of August in Lagunas, Oaxaca, the training and preparation workshop was held, carrying out an experience exchange of organizations.

During the month of August in Lagunas, Oaxaca, the training and preparation workshop was held, carrying out an experience exchange of organizations where Cooperatives UK, NCBA-CLUSA, IsraAID and the National Confederation of Cooperatives of Various Activities of the Republic of Mexico participated.

This was one of the first actions of the project that was born from actions carried out by Cooperatives UK who as a cooperative organization carried out a fundraising program in order to donate to a rehabilitation fund. Cooperatives UK has transferred the amount to the International Cooperative Alliance (ACI) for a regional call.

Cooperatives of the Americas, together with Cruz Azul México, presented a proposal for a rehabilitation project for communities affected by the earthquake in September 2017 in Oaxaca Mexico to be financed by the rehabilitation fund of ACI-Cooperatives UK with the title “Cooperative Development as resilience model of local communities affected by disasters”.

In that order, Cooperatives of the Americas will be the grant coordinator and responsible for the funds management, also as part of the actions of the Partnership of the International Cooperative Alliance and the Commission of the European Union: “Cooperatives in development: people-centered companies, in action” contributes to the strengthening of capacities and the strengthening of federations, also contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals, in this case the (# SDG17) Alliances to achieve the objectives.
Cruz Azul, for its part, will be responsible for being the local execution entity, which will implement the activities in close cooperation with Cooperatives of the Americas.

During the workshop different approaches and methodologies of cooperative development and disaster risk reduction were presented, a healthy discussion on community resilience strategies was promoted through cooperatives in Lagunas and neighboring communities, as well as the realization of practical exercises to define concepts and mapping of actors.

The director of the regional office of Cooperatives of the Americas, Danilo Salerno highlighted the active participation and dynamism of the actors in the workshops; for his part, engineer Pablo Resendiz, Manager of the cement plant of Cruz Azul located in the town from Lagunas, Oaxaca, reiterated the full support for the road map and was enthusiastic about the idea of being able to develop activities that will greatly benefit the population of nearby towns and officially commissioned people that will carry out the operational actions of the project in civil protection matters.

Mr. Apolinar Ortiz, also a member of the Cooperativa la Cruz Azul and president of the National Confederation of Cooperative of Various Activities of the Mexican Republic, was satisfied with the workshop outcome, as a good step forward was made by assigning responsibilities and a commission was delegated to coordinate and execute the activities in another of the main axes of the project that is the creation, strengthening and accompaniment of cooperative ventures, where some of them have already been identified and the actions to be followed are being planned.

This publication has been prepared with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of Cooperativa de las Américas, and in no case should it be considered as reflecting the views of the European Union.