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Cooperatives of the Americas launches the 2020 Statistical Observatory

16 October 2020

In the American continent, the availability of statistics referring to the cooperative sector is clearly heterogeneous between countries, since in some nations cooperative censuses have been carried out during the last 3 years, collecting information on the number of active cooperatives, direct jobs generated, economic activity, among others; Therefore, this group of countries is considered to have “relevant and updated information”; Likewise, another group of countries is identified with “relevant but outdated information”, since the statistical data refer to more than three years ago. However, the group of countries with the greatest difficulties is the one “without statistical information”, which is extensive in number, including nations from all regions of the Americas.

As stated in the resolution adopted at the 19th International Conference of Labor Statisticians (ICLS), held in October 2013 in Geneva, government representatives, workers and employers recognized and recalled the need to generate statistics on cooperatives in all countries of the world. comparable to each other.

Based on this need, the Board of Directors of Cooperatives of the Americas included the gathering and analysis of statistical information in the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan of Cooperatives of the Americas under strategic initiatives 1.C, 2.B, 4.B , 4.C, 4.D and 4.E.

Therefore, the Regional Office of Cooperatives of the Americas launched the Statistical Observatory 2020, with the objective of:

Demonstrate the impact of cooperatives in the Americas regardless of their size, both from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

Creation of a reliable and updated database on the main statistics of the cooperative sector as a basic input for advocacy actions carried out by Cooperatives of the Americas for the benefit of continental cooperatives.

Make visible the contributions of cooperatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

This initiative focuses on collecting information from first, second and third level cooperatives, mutuals, credit unions and other cooperative capital companies, whether or not they are members of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

To participate in this initiative, you must fill out the following form:

Español: https://forms.gle/wpPVBSC6PgWHmmjh8

English: https://forms.gle/ACgosteb5Vs6G1cn7

Português: https://forms.gle/nLp9PwJoCAvFRmZL9

If you require more information, contact us by email: observatorio@aciamericas.cooop