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Cooperatives of the Americas stands in solidarity with the European peoples affected by the war and reiterates its call for Peace.

31 March 2022

From Cooperatives of the Americas, we call for peace from this armed conflict in Ukraine and we ask for a tireless search for diplomatic paths. We condemn the attacks on human life and particularly on women, children, and girls and we urge the countries of the Americas, to the extent possible, to receive, lodge, and protect refugees.

From Cooperatives of the Americas, we want to reiterate the commitment of the American cooperative movement to Peace, as an end and a means to build a society founded on the values ​​of democracy, equality, solidarity, participation, and concern for the community. We reiterate the guarantee of guaranteeing respect for life and the guarantees of safe passage to enter and distribute emergency aid to the population affected by the conflict.

We also express our concern about the repercussions of the armed conflict on the economy and on social cohesion at a global level: due to the strategic role of Russia and Ukraine as important suppliers of energy and food, despite the high uncertainty about the scope and time that However long the crisis will last, experts will warn that our region will also suffer a strong indirect impact through the prices of raw materials and in the agricultural and energy markets. Back to automatic line
It is time to continue cooperating.

March 15, 2022

Graciela Fernández QuintasBack

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