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DotCoop Announces Winners of Global Awards

29 November 2009

DotCoop, the sponsor of the .coop domain name, announced the winners of the first-ever dotCoop Global Awards for Cooperative Excellence.

The three winners are:

- Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, a fertilizer production and distribution cooperative based in India. IFFCO won in the category of large cooperatives with more than $50 million in revenue or assets.

- National Cooperative Grocers Association, a cooperatively owned trade association for U.S. food co-ops. NCGA won in the category of medium cooperatives with $1 million to $50 million in revenue or assets.

- Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, a cooperative based in the United States and owned by 150,000 coffee farmers worldwide. Pachamama won in the category of small cooperatives with less than $1 million in revenue or assets.

The dotCoop Global Awards are given to those cooperatives who demonstrate a strong commitment to the cooperative business model. DotCoop also looked for co-ops whose missions and practices clearly demonstrate cooperative values, especially in their web site.

DotCoop awarded honorable mentions to Cabot Creamery Cooperative of the United States and Crédit Coopératif of France in the large business category; The Phone Co-op of the United Kingdom and the Wedge Community Co-op of the United States in the medium-sized business category; and CAC Santa Maria Magdalena of Peru and FESAN (Federacion Nacional de Cooperativas de Servicios Sanitarios, Ltda) of Chile in the small business category. Additionally, the judges awarded a special recognition award to the Co-operative Press Limited, which received recognition for its overall contributions to the cooperative movement in the United Kingdon and the world as the oldest cooperatively-owned newspaper.

Robynn Shrader, chief executive officer of the NCGA, said the award will help her members market the cooperative advantage. “These awards can help bring awareness to the distinct differences between our stores and conventional food retailers,” Shrader said.

The awards were presented on November 18th by the dotCoop board chair, Louie Doering, at the International Co-operative Alliance General Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. The winning cooperatives received funds to travel to the meeting as part of their award.

“We received over 50 applications, from around the world and across cooperative sectors,” said Carolyn Hoover, chief executive officer of dotCoop. We’re extremely pleased with the turnout of this year’s competition, and expect an even greater turnout in 2011.”

The next awards will be presented at the ICA General Assembly in 2011. Cooperatives can sign up for a reminder of the next awards at www.globalawards.coop.

DotCooperation LLC—or, dotCoop—is the sponsor of the .coop domain and responsible for management of the .coop registry and verification of registrants. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Cooperative Business Association, a U.S.-based national, cross-industry membership association.

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