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FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean holds its 37th Regional Conference in Quito Ecuador

4 April 2022

During the 37th Regional Conference of the FAO Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Quito until April 1, it is there that cooperativism is recognized as a model that stands out from its specific nature among private sector actors. , for which FAO has designed a multi-year strategy.

The Declaration of the allied actors of the FAO for the "private sector" (where cooperatives are mentioned, according to global and regional guidelines) that will be read in the framework of the 37th Regional Conference, which is being held in Quito from 1 of April in a hybrid way (face-to-face / virtual).

The Declaration contains literal references to the cooperative sector especially in two sections mentioned below:

- In the introduction, as companies part of that heterogeneity of actors that make up the private sector (avoiding the mainstream definition and recognizing the specificity of our companies, with an associative base)

- In point 7 when FAO affirms that with our associative and cooperative model we represent a reference for innovation, the formation of human capital and the creation of economy of scale

«"The construction of specialized productive links, associated with conservation objectives or nutritional, technological and productive innovation, as well as the strengthening of association models of producers such as the cooperative or others, are assertive strategies for the promotion of innovation, state-of-the-art technology, the formation of human capital and the creation of economies of scale.”

The entire 37th FAO Regional Conference focuses on the themes and priorities summarized in working documents that can be reviewed at this link: List of documents 37th FAO Americas Regional Conference

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