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IYC lottery tickets in Panama and Costa Rica and commemorative stamp in Argentina

31 January 2012

Panama and Costa Rica were the first two countries to have their International Year of Cooperative lottery tickets. The commemorative lottery tickets, which were sold in January 2012, included the IYC logo and slogan: Cooperative enterprises build a better world” as well as the cooperative flag. Through this initiative, thousands of ordinary people were able to know about the existence of the IYC; a distinction granted by the United Nations to the cooperative movement worldwide.

On another front, Argentina has decided to produce stamps for the UN International Year of Co-operatives. ACI Americas has teamed up with the Coordinadora Argentina SRL (OCA) and the Production Cooperative Business and Institutional Services Limited (COOPROSEL) to produce the postage products.

Australia has also produced a commemorative stamp to mark the International Year celebrations.