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Industry Canada publishes new data on the non financial co-operative sector

20 June 2015

Industry Canada has published new data covering the 2009-2010 fiscal periods. This is the first official data released by the federal government in some time on Canadian co-ops and contains quite a bit of insight.

The new data shows that co-ops are growing and recent research on the economic impact of co-operatives funded by a SSHRC grant shows that co-ops from 2009 to 2010 outperformed other sectors.

The survey summary states that in 2010, there were 7,865 incorporated co-operatives registered under a federal, provincial or territorial co-operative Act. Quebec had the highest share of incorporated co-operatives (37%), followed by Ontario (21%) and Saskatchewan (12%). Of the incorporated co-operatives, 65% (or 5,094) completed the annual survey.

It is well know that Co-operatives in Canada are involved in a wide range of activities – oil refining, housing, daycare, senior centres, wholesale and retail and so forth. Interestingly, the largest participating sector in the 2010 survey was housing co-ops. 42% (or 2,156) of all reporting co-operatives were classified under the Real Estate sector. Wholesale and Retail were second (13%) followed by Agriculture and Resources (8%) and Health Care and Social Assistance sectors (8%).

For more highlights from the new data please visit the Industry Canada page.

Source: canada.coop

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