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Meetings for the Inter-institutional Dialogue: Public Policies and Co-operatives

Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 22 to 24, 2018

ATTENTION: Registration for these activities is necessary even for those who have already registered as participants in the V Co-operative Summit of the Americas, who may participate at no additional cost but must also complete the specific registration form for these two activities.

Converging with the V Co-operative Summit of the Americas organized by Co-operatives of the Americas and Cooperar, a set of activities aimed at promoting dialogue between the State and the continent’s co-operative movement will be carried out in order to promote appropriate public policies for development and consolidation of solidarity economy.

These activities will be carried out within the framework of the "Co-operatives in development" project carried out by the International Co-operative Alliance and the European Union, which includes an axis that seeks to strengthen the members of the Alliance in its relationship with those responsible for the formulation of policies and, therefore, support and strengthen advocacy and political dialogue at a global, regional and national level.

This initiative includes the organization of a "Workshop on public policies: State and Co-operatives in the face of Global Challenges", where the necessary policies will be discussed in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agreement.

Secondly, a "Forum: Current Problems of Co-operative Law" will be held, which will review the state of affairs in this area and will set the bases of the Co-operative Law Congress of the year 2019, as a result of the convergent effort between the States and co-operatives.

The "XII Parliamentarians Meeting: Parliamentary Agenda of Co-operatives in America" will be held, where legislators from all over the continent will review the main legislative projects aimed at creating an adequate regulatory framework for the sector, and the vision of Co-operatives of the Americas on the topic.

Finally, with participation only by invitation, there will be a launching activity of the Regional Co-operative Development Platform within the framework of the project "Co-operatives in development: People-centred businesses in action", implemented by the International Co-operative Alliance with support from the European Union.

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