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ICA-Americas President announces a big campaign of the Mexican cooperative movement

Mexico makes the most of being the venue of the most important event of the cooperative movement: ICA General Assembly

1 December 2011

Before the inauguration of ICA General Assembly, Ramón Imperial Zúñiga, ICA-Americas President, announced the beginning o f a big national crusade to highlight credit unions’ image. He argued that credit unions are a viable alternative for millions of Mexicans to face the crisis ahead.

During his speech, he explained credit unions are very successful around the world and that the Mexican sector will seek the support of the government, legislators and financial authorities to ensure an adequate legal framework and public policies in accordance with a sector that brings together 5 million Mexicans and encourages productive sectors.

He pointed out that in Mexico there is a strong cooperative culture but the lack of public policies for the cooperative sector has led to slow development of the sector.

He stated that there are more than 10 thousand cooperatives and other entities of savings and loan, but there is no real data about what is their impact on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He also stressed that during 2012 there will be a lot to do to promote the "culture of cooperation".