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NCBA launched a new website about the IYC

17 February 2012

NCBA has launched a new website dedicated to the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC). The aim of the site is to provide domestic information about the International Year of Cooperatives.

US Priorities for the International Year of Cooperatives

Comprised of leaders from national apex organizations, the Cooperative Steering Committee has identified key strategic priorities for 2012. These strategic priorities are aligned with the UN Resolution and the main goals of the International Co-operative Alliance, which are:

  • To increase awareness of how cooperative enterprises can meet community and individual needs.
  • To help build and sustain the cooperative movement, its capacity for growth and innovation. This priority will focus on securing enabling legislation and policies, securing and enhancing access to capital, increasing access to education about the cooperative business model as well as delivering “legacy” projects and programs.

Visit http://usa2012.coop/

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