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Operational planning of the project was carried out: Cooperative development as a resilience model for local communities affected by disasters

13 February 2020

On January 27 and 28, 2020, representatives of the National Confederation Cooperative of Various Activities of the Mexican Republic and the La Cruz Azul cooperative in Lagunas, Oaxaca met to define strategies and activities within the framework of a new initiative. The workshop was facilitated by the Cooperative Development Officer of the Americas, Lena Grothe.

The region of Oaxaca, Mexico, where one of Cruz Azul’s cement companies is located, is exposed to a series of anthropic and natural hazards, including earthquakes. So it was, that Oaxaca has been strongly affected by the 2017 earthquake.

In view of the 7th cooperative principle, the benefit to the community will seek to strengthen resilience capacities in the 4 municipalities around the plant, Santa Maria Petapa, Santo Domingo Petapa, Barrio la Soledad and Matías Romero. Applying the capabilities of the Blue Cross in civil protection, it will seek to establish a management system for risk reduction and immediate response. In addition, the other cooperatives based in the area will be strengthened with the support of the National Cooperative Confederation of Diverse Activities, to which they belong.

The first activities of this project are expected to begin in March 2020. In a meeting with the cooperative The neighborhood on January 29 reaffirmed the willingness to be actively involved in the project. The entire cooperative sector will be trained in topics such as cooperative identity, governance, gender equity and the creation of a youth committee. In addition, the alliance with community leaders was sought, which will give sustainability to the processes in the municipalities.

The project will be implemented thanks to the co-financing of Cooperatives of the United Kingdom (Cooperatives UK), the International Cooperative Alliance and the Blue Cross. Cooperatives of the Americas supports the process from planning to implementation with workshops and capacity development in terms of project management.

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