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Over One Thousand Members from Cooperatives around the World are Gathered in Buenos Aires

23 October 2018

Over the next few days the V Summit of the Cooperatives of the Americas will bring together head members from the continental and global cooperative movement. This event has been organized by the Confederación Cooperativa de la República de Argentina (Cooperar) (Cooperative Confederation of the Republic of Argentina) and the American Region of the International Cooperatives Alliance. Some 400 Argentinian leaders and a similar number of people from the entire continent will participate in this Summit.

Another 250 participants from Asia, Africa and Europe will be joining them, many of whom participated in the ACI Annual Assembly which took place in Buenos Aires on Saturday and Sunday. During the previous assembly, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this past November, the President of the Confederation, Ariel Guarco was elected as Leader of the World Council of the ACI. He became the first Argentinian and the second South American to head the highest organization of the cooperative movement on a global scale.

“We are honored to welcome the global cooperative movement in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both the Summit as well as the Assembly are key events to continue to integrate our movement and reaffirm our commitment with current global challenges.” said Guarco.

The summit starts on Tuesday and will hold 26 meetings, forums and workshops as well as conferences given by the representative of the FAO, Eve Crowley; documentarist Valentín Thurn, economist Pedro Páez, the President of the Euskadi Confederation (Konfecoop), Javier Goienetxea; the President of the Spanish Confederation Cepes, Juan Antonio Pedreño; the representative of the International Agricultural Development Fund (Fida), Marco Marzano de Marinis; and philosopher Eloy Patricio Mealla, specializing in Cooperation and Development.

The activity was declared of interest by the Senate and the National Chamber of Deputies and will continue until Friday under the stance: The Cooperative Movement during times of Global Challenge. Legislators and National and Regional Officials will also be in attendance. The opening conference will be given by Graciela Fernandez, President of the Uruguayan Confederation of Cooperatives (Cudecoop).

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