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Projects and alliances are consolidated within the Platform of Cooperatives of the Americas for Development (PCAD)

7 May 2020

Active participation from 14 members, including invited and permanent observers of PCAD, gathered.

Within the framework of the V Cooperative Summit of the Americas, the act of constitution of the Platform of Cooperatives of the Americas for Development (PCAD) was signed as an operational instrument and open space for articulation between the cooperative organizations of the Americas and the main actors in international cooperation and sustainable development worldwide. Among the signatory organizations are members of the "PCAD Platform of Cooperatives of the Americas for Development" from 7 Latin American countries were: FEDECACES from El Salvador, CONFECOOP and ASCOOP from Colombia, CONACOOP and INFOCOOP from Costa Rica, COOPERAR from Argentina , CONPACOOP from Paraguay, CUDECOOP from Uruguay and CONFECOOP from Guatemala.

For this edition, the advances that have been working from the Office of Cooperatives of the Americas and the different processes of application to international cooperation projects of the members of the CADP were presented. At that meeting, the 2020 action plan for PCAD was presented and approved, which has been co-created with members since the end of 2019.

Due to the health crisis, all activities have been planned virtually, including online training, virtual meetings and digital tools. The action plan is focused on 4 thematic lines, which are: Capacity development, Internal development, External communication, International cooperation. Members have mentioned the urgent need for spaces for exchange and creation of solutions to the difficulties that cooperatives are facing at the moment, such as digital marketing spaces and the creation of national and regional cooperative production chains.

As another great achievement, the contribution of the PCAD logo, worked by the Colombian Association of Cooperatives, ASCOOP, which has been prepared based on the graphic lines of the “coop” brand, such as the logo of Cooperatives of the Americas and their Committees. Likewise, the priority lines of international cooperation regarding the situation of Covid-19 were presented.

Within the dynamics, an exchange of experiences of two application processes to the European Union was carried out. The first case was made up of the consortium made up of Cooperar from Argentina, NCBA Clusa with its program in Peru and CRE Foundation from Bolivia, led by Cooperatives of the Americas, which presented a synthesis document to the European Union on Human Rights and Cooperatives with the title "Cooperatives-Companies committed to human rights." There each of the representatives shared their experiences during the co-creation process of the proposal. The second contribution was from Conpacoop Paraguay, who have prepared a synthesis document to the Delegation of the European Union in Paraguay with the title: "Innovacoop: Cooperative social innovation for the inclusion of women and youth in sustainable territorial development in Paraguay".

Noting with satisfaction the agenda carried out, the participants were reminded to recognize the strategic value of alliances and international cooperation for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda during the health crisis that cooperativism so badly needs.

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