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Regional Youth Research: Youth and Cooperatives in the Americas

11 June 2020

In 2016, the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and the European Commission signed an international cooperation agreement which is implemented through the program “Cooperatives in development: people centered businesses, in action” #COOPS4DEV🌎; This program establishes 8 lines of action: institutional strengthening, visibility and communications, cooperative networking, capacity building for member organizations, knowledge management, project implementation, political dialogue and research.

Under the line of action regarding research, Cooperatives of the Americas developed an investigation entitled "Youth and Cooperatives in the Americas", with the aim of knowing some of the characteristics that identify today’s generations, to carry out a basic diagnosis of how it is currently this relationship between youth and cooperatives in the Americas based on 8 case studies and to identify strengths and opportunities of the youth and cooperatives relationship.

To achieve these objectives, an exploratory empirical-qualitative research was carried out that responds to the intention of starting a process of characterization of the youth-cooperative relationship, fundamentally supported by 3 research inputs:

Eight Case Studies on cooperatives from different countries in America (Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Canada, the Dominican Republic and Peru).

The knowledge and experience of young cooperative leaders, members of the Consultative Committee of Cooperatives of the Americas.

The knowledge anhttps://coops4dev.coop/sites/defaul...d previous studies of the external consultants of the Ethnological consulting firm.

The case studies were analyzed by a Consultative Committee of young cooperative members, who conducted interviews and lived the experiences of the following cooperatives:

  • Cooperativa CSN, Mexico
  • Industrias Integradas, Colombia
  • Marroneo, Puerto Rico
  • Coopevictoria, Costa Rica
  • Cambá, Argentina
  • Coopsco, Canada
  • Cooeprouasd, Dominican Republic
  • Credicoop Luz y Fuerza, Peru

To learn more about these cooperatives and the conclusions of this research, you can enter the following link

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