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Rio Uruguay Seguros issues its 5 millionth policy

30 April 2015

On 19 April 2015, Argentinian ICMIF member Rio Uruguay Seguros signed its 5 millionth insurance policy with member Ana Vanesa Carrasco Amestica (pictured above). The timing of the policy coincided with the Third Rio Uruguay Touring Cars Race of 2015 in the city of Neuquén.

Ana is from the city of Neuquén and a presentation was made at the event with Rio Uruguay Seguros Adviser Ricardo Ariel Padilla (pictured with Ana above). The presentation was made at the race track due to Rio Uruguay Seguros’ long-term links with the Touring Cars competitions and their sponsorship of the races.

The issuing of the 5 millionth policy by Rio Uruguay Seguros is a milestone for the company and it marks the strong growth of the company throughout Argentina and particularly in the Patagonian region. For over 18 years, since the opening of the General Roca Office, Rio Uruguay Seguros has been growing, working alongside their brokers and insurance consultants. The Neuquén agency has been working with Rio Uruguay Seguros for three years now.

Source: ICMIF

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