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The "Inter-Parliamentary Forum on Solidarity Economy of the Americas" is constituted within the framework of the XI Parliamentary Meeting

24 October 2018

The constitution of this Permanent Forum made up of parliamentarians with an affinity toward solidarity economy in the Americas, with a presidency and a Rotating Technical Secretariat, is one of the big news items of the V Cooperative Summit of the Americas because it will allow for the articulation of efforts, at a continental level, before the states for the promotion of public policies and regulations favorable to the solidarity economy and the cooperative movement.

The proposal was made by the Colombian delegation, who brought seven deputies to Buenos Aires from their recently created "Parliamentary Caucus", thus the parliamentarians from other countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile, coincided in assigning the first Presidency term of the Inter-Parliamentary Forum.

In turn, the Technical Secretariat, coordinated by Cooperatives of the Americas, will offer all the necessary support to guarantee the functioning of the Forum, which had already been tried in 2012, but which did not prosper because of the lack of these operative instruments.

The Forum is expected to make progress in the upcoming days, in the creation of an agenda and a work plan that includes exchange of successful experiences, compared analysis of legislations and construction of strategies for the political positioning of the solidarity economy before the legislative, executive and jurisdictional authorities of each one of the countries.

The group of parliamentarians from America that are part of this V Cooperative Summit had visited the premises of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Argentina earlier, along with the Commission for Cooperative and Mutual Affairs and Government Agencies. There, they exchanged experiences and visions on cooperative legislation.

The visit to the Argentine Parliament took place during the XIV Meeting of Parliamentarians, held in the afternoon hours as part of the Summit agenda. The event was attended by delegations from Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and cooperative leaders, who shared different views on cooperative legislation and made a sensible analysis to define the path to follow in the region in terms of cooperative and solidarity legislation.

Ramon Imperial, outgoing President of the Administrative Council of Cooperatives of the Americas opened the 14th Parliamentary Meeting. Said meeting took place at the Hotel Panamericano in Buenos Aires and lasted the entire afternoon and part of the evening, with a large attendance and an active participation from two dozen parliamentarians from several countries.

In this context, the Commission of Cooperative Law of Cooperatives in Argentina, presented the pilot results from the investigation of legal frameworks of the project co-financed by the European Union. Carlos Acero, President of the Confederation of Colombian Cooperatives, shared the Proposal on Public Policy for the new Government in their country and the results of promotional and incidence management before National Congress.

Pedro Morales, member of the Administrative Council, Olga Lucía Velásquez expert in legal frameworks and Dante Cracogna of the Commission of Cooperative Law of the Americas, Óscar Alpa dean of the Universidad Nacional and Alberto Bavestrello, Cooperative leader of Argentina all participated during the discussion group on regulations to the financial and solidarity economy system.

This publication has been prepared with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of Cooperativa de las Américas, and in no case should it be considered as reflecting the views of the European Union.

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