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The PCAD held a Webinar on the new 2021-2027 programming of the European Union

28 de febrero de 2021

The Platform of Cooperatives of the Americas for Development trained ten National Project Officers on the new programming of the European Union

On February 4, 2021, ten National Project Officers took the opportunity to find out about the new programming of the European Union for the next 7 years (2021-2027). The webinar was offered by the Cooperatives Office of the Americas in the framework of the # coops4dev project and in the framework of the Cooperatives of the Americas Platform for Development, virtually.

The content of the webinar included a presentation of the European Union programming cycle, the presentation of the new INSTRUMENT FOR NEIGHBORHOOD, DEVELOPMENT AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION, which as a single instrument for cooperation and single foreign aid, will cover all development cooperation assistance, areas priorities of the European Union for the aforementioned term and the consultation process with the cooperative sector that will be carried out in the following weeks in the respective countries of our region.

The International Cooperative Alliance is part of the Policy Forum for Development (PFD), a space for structured dialogue between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the European Commission. The European Commission has recognized cooperatives in various publications as civil society organizations that contribute directly, effectively and efficiently to sustainable development. For this reason, it is essential that they should be involved in the structured dialogue process at the national level between the Delegations of the European Union and Civil Society in the respective countries.

It is worth mentioning that one objective of the Cooperation Framework Agreement signed between the International Cooperative Alliance and Cooperation, signed in 2016 and in force to date, is to improve the coordination between cooperative organizations and Delegations.

From Cooperativas de las Américas we train and advise our members to enter into this fruitful dialogue, so that the cooperative sector can continue to be a strategic ally for the European Union in the sustainable development of our region. We are sure that the cooperative sector can contribute considerably to the areas prioritized by the European Union: Green Pact, digitization, Alliance for sustainable growth and job creation, Migration and Governance, Peace, Security and Stability.

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