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The VI Summit of Cooperatives of the Americas arrives: identity, economic reactivation and climate change at the center of the Agenda.

4 April 2022

Asunción, called "the green capital" of Paraguay, will host the great regional event in October 2022 under the slogan "The cooperative commitment for the reconstruction and care of our local and global community"

From October 24 to 27, 2022, it will be the right opportunity to make visible the impact and commitment of American cooperativism and, from this, with the movement and the global agenda, as well as with the planet, for truly sustainable development.

Cooperatives of the Americas and all associated organizations from Paraguay (CONPACOOP, CONCOPAR, Cooperativa Universitaria, FECOAC, FECOPAR, FECOMULP and Panal Seguros) have begun to organize the VI Cooperative Summit of the Americas, which will take place in the city of Asunción, in a face-to-face or hybrid event, depending on the pandemic conditions that will be taking place, in compliance with the national and international protocols of the Health authorities.

The regional Summits have been held since 2009 with the purpose of building agreements and political commitments that are reflected in a Final Declaration, aimed and promoting changes that impact cooperative organizations and their communities. The average number of participants in these continental events that are the Summits is 1,200 people and for three days they meet to debate, study and deepen the most current issues, determine advocacy strategies and guidelines for the next 4 years to follow.

This VI edition constitutes an effort by regional cooperativism to analyze reality, debate proposals and define joint initiatives based on the current context of cooperativism as part of the international community.Back to automatic line
The axes to be discussed and analyzed to relaunch face-to-face activities after more than two years of crisis generated by the pandemic will be very “solid”, at the heart of regional cooperativism: cooperative identity (also in the face of global challenges and virtuality), reactivation and economic integration, climate change and sustainability.

The agenda that is being prepared is enriched by a Commercial Forum, a Cooperative Education Forum, the Youth Meeting and the VIII Continental Congress of Cooperative Law.

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On Paraguayan cooperativism.

Undoubtedly, the work of the Paraguayan cooperative sector has generated important achievements at the national and international level, demonstrating that the solidarity model is the way to build a healthier and fairer society. The social, educational and trade union actions of the solidarity sector have a great impact in Paraguay as well as in other countries of the world. (There are two Confederations, in addition to this there are several organizations involved in the organization of the Summit and it seems to us that the term cooperative movement is used to include everyone)

Paraguayan cooperativism has been the protagonist of the economic development of the region, in the year 2021 more than 750 cooperatives include 2,000,000 members and 45% of the economically active population. Back to automatic line in the national financial system, the cooperatives have a participation of 18.2% of the assets, 17.1% of the credits devised and 13.4% of the savings.

In the agribusiness sector, cooperatives play a prominent role since they contribute to the generation of 22% of grain production, 21% of local beef production and 22% of exports. It is estimated that 68% of the raw milk production that supplies the country comes from the cooperative sector, while 43% is exported to various countries. Back to automatic line An orientation meeting for cooperative leaders, researchers, professors, directors and cooperative officials. The topics to be discussed and other logistical details of this important activity will be announced shortly, so that those interested can organize their participation well in advance and prepare the papers to be presented.

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