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The XXI Regional Conference of Cooperatives of the Americas complied with cooperativism

20 December 2019

As requested by Costa Rican Fernando Faith Bonilla, the XXI Regional Conference Cooperatives of the Americas, after three days of meetings at the Intercontinental hotel with the cooperative of the continent.

“Costa Rica complied with cooperativism, we thank all the institutions that made it possible to live the chapter of Costa Rica, I invite you to bring us the joy of being cooperative, the cooperative sector is an important and diverse sector but the workers all days we woke up feeling worthy to represent our organizations ”said Fernando Faith Bonilla, representative of Costa Rica in the Council of Cooperatives Administration of the Americas and President of the Assembly of workers of Banco Popular.

They were days of intense meetings at work tables that finally bore fruit in a series of recommendations and conclusions published on the page dedicated to the event in the following link, highlighted the convulsive situation that from the political point of view many countries of the region live today It was a dominant issue, especially because the marked economic inequalities that the inhabitants of the different nations of this part of the world live inside were insisted. On the opening day, a series of special guest panelists presented their views on cooperativism and their options within continental life.

According to Vleugels, the EU believes in the cooperative sector and promotes it as one of the strategic partners to implement the 20-30 Development Agenda. He recalled that two years ago in the EU the new consensus for development was approved “which is our bible that integrates us, internalizes the 20-30 Agenda and is our horizon for collaboration policy” In this new consensus, he added, the Cooperatives are recognized as an important promoter for development and as an agent of change. He recalled that the European EU collaborates with the ICA through a strategic alliance that was launched in 2016, which supports with 10 million euros the work with 187 cooperatives from 75 countries, both in Europe, Latin America, and the Asia region in the Pacific.

Long trajectory

The Minister of Labor, Giannina Dinarte said that in Costa Rica cooperativism is important, she highlighted her long career, of more than 70 years, of full conviction in the cooperative model, which has resulted not only in the possibility of business models They have generated the possibility of exporting, but also generating employment. “And as we generate employment in the cooperative sector, we have also generated a better quality of life for people. This has great significance for our country, Giannina Dinarte.

We have seen the territories transform, the communities grow and the people undertake, ”he said. The minister said that “in Costa Rica we believe with full conviction in the social solidarity economy; The government is confident that this is a vital sector for transformation and for the generation of more opportunities. Do not neglect communities

For his part, the president of the International Cooperative Alliance (Aci), Ariel Guarco highlighted the work he does at the head of this alliance, as well as the difficult times that Latin America is going through. “We cannot ignore the communities where we are inserted; we know what each of our countries are capable of and we also know that in cooperativism fundamentally opportunities are generated to include all people socially, ”said the international cooperative leader. He insisted on the need to no longer tolerate the neglect of the valuable natural resources offered by the different latitudes of the continent.
He stressed that it is important to show the world that there is another way of doing economy at the center of the scene of the vertiginous technological revolution that is being lived today. Guarco also expressed the need to improve the quality of life of the majority “when we talk about sustainable development, convinced that we can do it, but not alone; we must do it in strategic alliances with governments, universities, with unions. ”

Importance of cooperativism in the country

For his part, the president of the Legislative Assembly, Carlos Ricardo Benavides stressed the importance of cooperativism in the development of the country. In that sense, he reported on the result of a work carried out by the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) that developed an index of social progress for Costa Rican cooperatives and that makes various comparisons between what is lived in the regions of the country where Cooperativism has been developed with others where there is no presence of this social economy movement. He also mentioned the importance that the Costa Rican State devotes to cooperativism because article 64 of the Political Constitution emphasizes the promotion of cooperativism as an efficient mechanism to improve the living conditions of workers. According to Don Carlos Ricardo, this allowed the emergence of a cooperative movement strong and vigorous

Active paper

For its part, the highest authority of cooperativism of the continent, Graciela Fernández said that, at the current juncture, cooperativism is called to play an active role. "Our ethical framework calls us to work in the construction of communities that also assume for our sustainable development our framework of values ​​and principles of equality, equity, solidarity," he emphasized. He called to carry out strategic alliances. Let’s open the doors and windows for everyone to enter. Let’s talk, this is the path we must follow, ”said Mrs. Graciela, who insisted that our continent is the most unequal in the world and that is why work is being done to unite cooperativism.

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