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The new Cooperative Law Commission of the Americas is installed

23 June 2020

The President of Cooperatives of the Americas, formally declares the commission constituted for a period of four years.

Last Friday, June 11, 2020, a virtual session of the Cooperative Law Commission of Cooperatives of the Americas was held, with the chairmanship of Dante Cracogna. The members of the Commission participate. Graciela Fernández, president of Cooperatives of the Americas; María Eugenia Pérez Zea; Daniel Sánchez; Hernando Raichakowski González and Mario de Conto to replace Ana Paula Andrade Ramos Rodrigues who communicated her inability to attend due to last minute commitments. Also involved are the liaison with the Board of Directors, Carlos Acero Sánchez. and the Regional Director of Cooperatives of the Americas, Danilo Salerno.

The President of Cooperatives of the Americas, Graciela Fernandez formally declared the commission constituted for the four-year period, congratulates its members and wishes a fruitful task throughout its performance.


Dante Cracogna, COOPERAR, Argentina
Graciela Fernández, CUDECOOP, Uruguay
Liaison with the Administrative Council of the Americas Cooperatives

  • María Eugenia Pérez Zea, Ascoop, Colombia
  • Daniel Sánchez, CoopeJudicial, Costa Rica
  • Ana Paula Andrade Ramos Rodríguez and Mario de Conto (alternate), OCB, Brazil
  • Hernando Esteban Raichakowski González, CONCOPAR, Paraguay
  • Liaison with the Board of Directors of Cooperatives of the Americas: Carlos Acero, CONFECOOP, Colombia
  • Technical Secretariat: Danilo Salerno, Regional Office for Cooperatives of the Americas, Costa Rica
  • The president, Dante Cracogna shared his analysis about the International Discussion on Cooperative Law against Covid-19 that was held on May 11 and 12 under the coordination of Alejandra Simental from Mexico and Hernando Raichacowski, who specified the activity as a follow-up of the San José Congress and was promoted by a group of its participants.

This activity had a qualified cast of exhibitors, their participation was numerous and with an interesting level of interventions, the attendees agreed on the advisability of following up on that activity through new meetings on topics of current legal interest.

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