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The ninth episode of the Around The World Coop series was released and is dedicated to Costa Rica, where the adventure is just beginning.

7 May 2020

Costa Rica generates 99% of its electricity from renewable sources, it has 18 wind plants, located in Guanacaste and San José, managed by public, private, municipal and cooperative companies.

Also, did you know that Costa Rica promised to be the first nation to achieve carbon neutrality by 2021? Rural electrification cooperatives in the country play a very important role in achieving this goal since they generate clean energy from from renewable sources through hydroelectric plants, solar parks and wind power plants. They distribute energy to homes, businesses and industries, even in very remote and isolated areas. They also invest in economic, social and environmental development projects for the well-being of their associates and their communities.

This time the Around the Wolrld Coop team wanted to do something different, since they did not focus on just one cooperative, but on one sector, that of renewable energy, in Costa Rica they visited three of the four existing rural electricity cooperatives in the country.

Among which are Coopelesca, in the northern province; CoopeGuanacaste in the same province of the name of the cooperative; and Coopesantos, in the province of San José. All of them are active and committed to the production of 100% renewable energy and which manage to cover almost all the energy needs of the country.

In a country with such a variety of microclimates, these cooperatives have specialized in producing energy from the most available natural resources.
COOPELESCA is particularly involved in the production of hydroelectric energy, although for a few months they have had the largest solar park in the country!, While Sector Coope Guacanaste is specialized in the production of solar energy (but also produces wind energy). COOPESANTOS R.L. It focuses mainly on wind energy, being the first cooperative in the country to have built a wind farm.

Costa Rica has great diversity in natural resources, but no one can take them for granted! That is why these cooperatives are also very committed to protecting the environment, a great lesson to learn.

Watch the full video here to learn about the important role of the cooperative sector in the plan, its fundamental role for the sustainable development of the country!