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These are the difficulties that youth face worldwide and how cooperativism can help overcome them.

7 April 2020

We will launch the world youth study very soon

In 2016, the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and the European Commission signed an international cooperation agreement which is implemented through the program “Cooperatives in development: people centered businesses, in action” #COOPS4DEV🌎; This program establishes 8 lines of action: institutional strengthening, visibility and communications, cooperative networking, capacity building for member organizations, knowledge management, project implementation, political dialogue and research.

Under the line of action regarding research, the International Cooperative Alliance is implementing a study on the difficulties facing youth worldwide and how cooperativism can help overcome them. This study is being carried out in the 4 regions of the ICA, being coordinated by the Research Officers of each Regional Office

At the methodological level, two surveys were developed to be implemented in two different populations: cooperative youth and non-cooperative youth; from 20 countries in the world (5 by region), applying at least 10 surveys per target population in each country, for a total of more than 400 interviews with young people. In America, 112 interviews were conducted with young people from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and Argentina.

As a stage prior to the writing of the study, national reports were developed summarizing the main results obtained from the surveys, in order to systematize the information under 5 thematic axes: Education, employment, entrepreneurship, inequity and civic participation; which will make up each of the study chapters.

Currently, each of the Research Officers of the respective ICA Regional Offices is writing a chapter that makes visible the results obtained in the 20 countries that are part of the study; In this case, the Research Officer of America is developing the chapter on entrepreneurship worldwide.

This study is expected to be completed during the initial stage of the second semester of 2020 and will be available on the website of www.coops4dev.coop.

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