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Three representatives from Colombia selected as ambassadors in the framework of the Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs Programme (GCE)

27 October 2019

The Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs (GCE) programme supports cooperative entrepreneurship among young people worldwide.

The International Cooperative Alliance puts on the table the Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs programme, which reflects the commitment of the sector to promote cooperativism as the first option for young entrepreneurs seeking fulfillment of their dreams. The central strategy of the program is the strengthening of strategic alliances between cooperative organizations and expert organizations in entrepreneurship outside the sector.

At the moment, the programme is in its pilot stage worldwide, currently being executed in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Poland, Sweden and in the Americas the pilot countries are El Salvador and Colombia. The open call for applications since June was successfully closed with the selection of cases after an evaluation process where criteria such as creativity, innovation, experience in event management, working with the community, up to their conviction for each idea where applied. In Colombia the GCE is being implemented by Confecoop, Ascoop and Impact Hub Bogotá.

This is how Cooperatives of the Americas, its partner entities of this program in Colombia and the Regional Youth Committee of Cooperatives of the Americas (CRJ) is pleased to announce that out of the 39 applicants from Colombia, 3 ambassadors were selected to represent Colombia in the GCE.

The selected candidates are young people who will have the opportunity to materialize their cooperative business ideas by learning more about cooperatives and how to realize them. They will also strengthen their network of contacts with young people from all over the world who have similar ideas. The young people selected represent organizations directly or indirectly associated with Cooperatives of the Americas, including the Social Foundation Utrahuilca in Huila and the Confederation of Cooperatives of Colombia.

Meet the Cooperative Entrepreneurs in Colombia

She is an agricultural engineer graduated from the University Surcolombiana, Monitoring Specialist and has been leading for 2 years a laboratory for the manipulation and conservation of agricultural products. She has a 4-year history participating in community environmental projects around cooperativism under the philosophy of solidarity economy, she belongs to the environmental committee of the Social Foundation Utrahuilca, leading environmental projects with associations and community in the rural area of South Colombia. She was also an intern in the “Hands to Peace” program, an initiative of the High Council for Post-Conflict with the support of UNDP, in the project called "Dry Ecosystems" in the Department of Cesar carrying out organizational strengthening activities in communities.

Economic analyst of the Confederation of Cooperatives of Colombia with great interest in working with cooperatives in the rural sector. He has experience in the management and analysis of databases and is currently finishing his degree in Economics and Government at the Universidad de los Andes. He is the creator and founder of “Mucho Fruto Coffee”, a social company located in Huila, with the projection of bringing quality coffee to the market and grouping the different producers of the municipality of Iquira located west of the department Huila.

Born in Villavieja, Huila, Tatacoa desert, from a young age always had an interest in leading development processes in his community. He was part of the international organization AIESEC, where he developed projects with vulnerable communities with foreign volunteers. He currently belongs to the social foundation Utrahuilca and works with the most remote communities in the countryside of southern Colombia, where he gives training and advice for rural development with the perspective of cooperative values.

The selected ambassadors will begin a mentoring process led by an international community of mentors and from 27 to 29 of November 2019 they will be participating in the first face-to-face training within the framework of the GCE program, held in Bogotá, Colombia.

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