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We launched the first edition of the Special Dossier of Cooperatives of the Americas against COVID-19

25 de febrero de 2021

Cooperatives in the Americas are the front-line actors in the social and economic debacle caused by the pandemic.

The cooperative sector has given its best effort, since the beginning of the pandemic, to continue cooperating; In that order throughout the months of the pandemic in 2020, thanks to the contribution of information and the contribution of the Administration Counselors and with the support of the Network of Communicators of Cooperatives of the Americas, the Regional Office has held national meetings with partner organizations to deepen knowledge about the response provided and the measures taken.

The 2020 Special Dossier of Cooperatives of the Americas aims to portray in memories what appear to be isolated actions, by systematically acting on an entire sector in the face of one of the worst crises that humanity has experienced in recent times and once again has allowed us to reaffirm its validity and demonstrate its scope in the territories where the cooperative has become, in many cases, a relief or a support for the state, which it supplies in the provision of public services, such as toilets, drinking water, health, transportation , internet among others.

This Special Dossier 2020 of Cooperatives of the Americas against COVID-19 is shared to follow: it is a first edition and a second edition will be held in 2021, updating existing data and information and adding the cases of the other countries of the region.

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