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Why join the ICA?

As a member, you will gain from ICA’s leadership in a number of areas and be entitled to a number of benefits.

ICA is the Forum for Inter-cooperation:
- Develop business relationships and partnerships with ICA members
- ICA Expo and trade fairs

- Access to the ICA network

- Connection to the global development network

ICA is the holder of Co-operative Knowledge:
- Access to the ICA network

- Gain access to ICA as a resource for co-operative expertise, in particular co-operative statistics, information and intelligence
- Participate in capacity building/training programmes

- Exchange of information and technical documents

Receive and access information on co-operatives including regular publication

- Access member only resources including the ICA Membership Directory, member only information releases, and global co-operative statistics as requested.

ICA represents the movement as its Global Voice:

- ICA defines and promotes the co-operative difference with media and policy-makers

- ICA represents the co-operative movement in multilateral organisations including the United Nations system, the International Accounting Standards Board, the European Union, and others.
- Defence for the co-operative movement with national governments at the request of members
- Participate in the governance of the ICA