General Objective

To strengthen convergence processes, unity and cooperative articulation, so as to reach a Final Declaration with agreements and resolutions of the cooperative movement about sustainable development with social equity. It will also propose concrete actions.

Specific objectives

1. Analyze and define the current situation and challenges of the cooperative sector regarding cooperative identity and cooperative business management; development and social equity paradigms; social and environmental responsibility; as well as public policies and advocacy.

2. Develop effective mechanisms of coordination, communication and interchange among cooperatives at regional and international levels, as an alternative to contribute to sustainable development with social equity.

3. Reach a political agreement and a compromise among cooperative organizations to promote shared actions towards sustainable development with social equity in the Americas.

Thematic areas and subthemes

1. Cooperative identity and business management

1.1 Cooperative identity as a distinctive factor regarding traditional capital enterprises.
1.2. Cooperative brand as added value to cooperative business management.
1.3. Internationalization of cooperatives while maintaining their identity.
1.4 Corporate business management in cooperative enterprises

2. Development paradigms and social equity

2.1. Current development paradigms and global crises
2.2. New paradigm: Development with social equity
2.3. Role of cooperatives within the new development paradigm

3. Social and environmental responsibility

3.1. Environmental responsibility making the cooperative difference
3.2. Cooperative social responsibility and cooperative social audit
3.3. Environmental eco-efficiency as an added value to cooperative business management
3.4. Environmental and social ethics in cooperatives

4. Advocacy and public policies

4.1 Relationship of cooperatives with the State and cooperative autonomy
4.2 Cooperatives and public policies
4.3 Cooperative participation in social dialogue to influence public policies.

Preliminary programme

Download here a PDF version of the Second Cooperative Summit of the Americas preliminary program.


Parallel activities

The organizing committee of the II Cooperative Summit of the Americas would like to inform all participants and invite them to enjoy recreational and cultural activities that will take place parallel to the implementation of the academic events.

DATE: MAY 31st.

Participation is optional and of limited space availability. The tickets will be sold in the information center during the II Credit Union Summit. The cost for this event is 20 USD plus transportation. This concert will take place in the National Theater located in the Old Town of Panama..

The organizing committee of the II Credit Union Summit of the Americas in coordination with the Sinfonia Concertate Fundation of Panama as executing of Music Festival of Panama Alfredo De Saint-Malo and the Orchestral Network “Agua de El Chorrillo” is offering to the participants of the II Credit Union Summit the possibility to assist the opening event on May 31st. The musical program for May 31st, will be presented by the Youth Orchestra under the supervision of the renown director Luis Castro and Bebo Shiu on the bass. .


This concert will be free for the participants of the II Credit Union Summit of the Americas. It will take place Friday June 1st in the Figali Convetion Center, considered the most imposing Cultural Center of Central America. It is expected that around 3000 attendees will be present of which the participants of the II Summit are VIP guest.

The Big Closure Concert will be realized with the participation of Panamanian artist of different music genres and it will be organized by the event planning organization the Gaitanes Brothers, of the brothers Alberto and Ricardo Gaitan.

The Gaitan brothers have been involved in the music world since a Young age. In the year 1999 they move to Miami under the guidance of Emilio Estefan, were they start their careers as producers, composers and musical arrangers, thereby stating their careers of musicians and singers, working from there on with artists such as Gloria Estefan, Ricardo Arjona, Carlos Bautes, Paulina Rubio, Marc Anthony, among others.



Nando Boom

Ulpiano Vergara

Iván Barrios

Mirella Cesa

Margarita Henríquez

Latin Fresh

Rafael Moreno

The Gaitanes Brothers business has organized concerts for renowned artists such as Shakira, Elton John, Luis Miguel, Ruben Blades, Selena Gomez, among others.

Dedicated to the Credit Union International Year 2012

This event is optional, required to enroll in the information center and providing only the cost for transport.



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