The following table shows the investment required to participate in the IV Co-operative Summit of the Americas for the different categories of participants, depending on the country of origin and the status of being (or not being) a representative of a member organization of the International Co-operative Alliance:

Members of the Alliance (non-bordering countries) 605
Non-members of the Alliance (non-bordering countries) 715
Members of the Alliance (bordering countries) 385
Non-members of the Alliance (bordering countries) 495
Members of the Alliance (Argentinean) 250
Non-members of the Alliance (Argentinean) 350
Accompanying person 165

NOTE: All values are in US Dollars (USD)

ATTENTION: The registration fee is not refundable.

The registration fee entitles you to:

  • Participation in all Conferences, Working Sessions, Forums, Thematic and Sectoral Meetings
  • Briefcase with respective materials
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunches on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th, 2018
  • Refreshments
  • Contacts with national and international organizations, development agencies and NGOs
  • Special rates at the venue and alternative hotels
  • Opening ceremony and cultural activities
  • Closing dinner and show (only for non-Argentinean participants) (1)
  • (1) For the Argentine participants the participation in the dinner and closing show has an additional cost of USD 100 per person. If you registered as a national participant and wish to attend this activity, please click here (after June 11, 2018).


Group discount: When registering as a group on line, automatically one free registration will be applied for every 11 (eleven) participants, as long as the benefit is granted to a woman or a young person. This discount does not apply for organizations in Argentina or neighboring countries (Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay).


The registration to the V Co-operative Summit of the Americas must be done online through our events registration system, which you can enter directly with the button shown below. Our system will allow you to save the information entered and retrieve it later to complete the registration without the need for re-enter the data already provided. Anyway, we suggest that you have at hand the basic identification information of your organization and the people to be registered to the event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To participate in 2 of the events that make up the programme of the V Summit (the Workshop on Public Policies and the Co-operative Law Forum) a special registration at no additional cost is required. Both activities have a maximum quota of participants and those who do not complete this special registration will not be able to participate, even if they have formalized and paid their general registration for the V Summit. You can find more information and complete the registration form at this link.

We invite you to participate as sponsor of the most important co-operative event in the continent, attended by the sector’s foremost leaders and most representative organizations. This international event is an opportune window for making your products and services known to a market segment in constant economic, social and technological development. If you would like more information about the different sponsorship options, write to us now at, and we’ll be contacting you shortly.